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ELA David 20 Men's Tights
[ELA David 20 Men's Tights]


These are everyday, basic transparent tights. The colours are nice, and they are nice and sheer, being 20 denier, although they are only 3% Lycra. Consequently, they do have a slight tendency to wrinkle a little, but not bad on the whole. These we see as a replacement in our range for the now-discontinued Evona Filip tights. As with the ComfiLon 1730's, we would not recommend these as a first purchase if you are new to tights for men; the comfort, fit and durability is not on a par with many others, and if you want to try an entry-level product, we would recommend you try the vastly-superior Doyeah models, or our own-brand L4M 450 sheers, which offer much better value for money.
Date Added: 29/10/2009 by Legwear 4Men
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