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L4M 615 One-size Unisex Glossy Leggings
[L4M 615 One-size Leggings]


I'm quite pleased with these leggings so far. They're lightweight and fit nicely yet are still comfortable on. I would personally describe them more as slightly sparkly than glossy, but I don't mind and I think on a pair like Navy it makes for a more interesting design.

Only criticism is that they ride down easily, this could possibly be due to the fact they are single size only; would like to see them in multiple sizes.

L4M says; It's worth pointing out that any kind of stretchy legwear will ride down if leg hairs are present - it is essential to remove any leg hair when wearing tights or leggings, as hair is an effective 'lubricant', due to legwear not being able to grip hairy legs. We're assuming the reviewer here hasn't removed any leg hair! As to sizing, sadly, Chinese suppliers have no interest in making multiple sizes; we have tried!
Date Added: 31/01/2019 by Jonathan D.
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