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Doyeah 0838 10D Sheer-To-Waist
[Doyeah 0838 10D Sheer-To-Waist]


I just machine wash in a mesh bag, and dry them in the dryer*, with all my other laundry. They hold up incredibly well, through many many cycles. I am 5’ 10”, 135lbs, and they are slightly on the long side, but the fit for a one-size, is excellent. The back panel, and the front fly opening are a great fit and fully sufficient, even for the biggest appendage. The opening I also find sufficient, as it stretches, but in general, you just lift it over.
The shine is just right, and for myself the color is a 95% match to my skin, so they are perfect, if you don’t want to go without the no socks-in-shoes look in colder temperatures. The toes are re-inforced, but invisible; you will only see it, if held against the light. Overall, for that price point it is an awesome product and well made.

*L4M says; DO NOT dry this (or any other nylon/elastane garment) in a tumble dryer; the heat will cause the elastane to perish very rapidly. Just allow them to dry at normal room temperature.
Date Added: 07/01/2013 by Jost Eckhardt
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