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Someone once asked me, 'Why would men want to wear tights?' So, here are some reasons to wear;

1. Looks. This is probably the main reason that women wear hosiery, but is likely to come further down the list of priorities for men. Having said that, there are benefits in this area for both men and women. Transparent (or Sheer in women's terminology) Tights can improve the look of your legs in a number of ways; blemishes such as scars, cuts & bruises, etc., will be lessened in appearance, and a more uniform appearance achieved. 'Lumps' & 'bumps' will be smoothed out.

2. Comfort. Whilst this is a factor for anyone in choosing which tights to buy, it is probably the top of the list for most men! This is why it is important for men to choose tights which are especially designed for men; in case you�ve not noticed, men are a different size and shape to women - usually! Men's tights are designed in one of two ways, depending on the manufacturer; either from the ground up for men only, or as a 'unisex' product, meaning a much wider range of sizes, in the case of one manufacturer, suitable for heights of 4' 10" - 6' 7"! These make use of modern fabrics' ability to stretch to several times its original dimensions, and still return to normal. The former approach uses designs which are entirely made from scratch to suit men's dimensions; these will be longer in the leg, shorter in the waist, and are usually 'fully boarded' - i.e., shaped to men's contours, and so have a 'front' and a 'back'. Some even have a fly opening! Plus tights stay up much better than socks, and are far more comfortable!

3. Support. My first encounter with tights for men was for this reason. My job required that I stand for 8 1/2 hours a day, with only my lunch break to rest my legs and feet. Result, I would get home at night with legs that felt like lead, and ached a lot. So, when I found a web site advertising support tights for men, I thought, 'Why not?' The rest, as they say, is history! The benefits to me were nothing short of miraculous - fewer aches and pains; my legs felt much better! I was sold! And I have worn tights ever since.

4. Medical/Circulatory. To some extent, this ties in with 'Support' above, because support tights can help improve circulation. Some people wear for this reason alone.

5. Warmth. It almost goes without saying that tights can provide warmth without bulk. Modern fabrics can be surprisingly warm whilst remaining very thin. In cooler, winter months, a pair of opaques can be a godsend, without feeling heavy or restrictive.

Some, or all, of the above, will apply in varying degrees to all potential wearers. Some, for example sportsmen, with benefit from the warmth without bulk, the support (which will also aid circulation) and the minimal restriction offered by modern fabrics. Everyone, though, will find some of the above applicable.

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