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Doyeah 0868 Unisex Open-Crotch Support Tights
[Doyeah 0868 Unisex Open-Crotch]


It looks like Doyeah have another winner on their hands with this model! The fabric is amazingly soft, silky and stretchy - it reminds me of the ComfiLon 599's in that respect - and they are very comfortable to wear. The open crotch takes some getting used to - I'm not used to putting my tights on first, and then my underwear! It is more convenient for bathroom visits though, and gives some access for fresh air to get to the er, equipment! The tights are sheer-to-waist, with just a small area of reinforcement around the (flat) seams, and the toes have an almost invisibly reinforced area too. The colours are good, but the Beige and Tan are very close to each other, the latter being just a shade darker; not as dark as ComfiLon's Tan for example, plus the Grey is very nice, and also proving popular.

I would slightly question the use of the term 'Support' though; they don't provide much in that department, but that aside, they are an excellent product at an almost give-away price. Highly recommended!
Date Added: 16/07/2009 by Legwear 4Men
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