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Doyeah 0898 Tights with Male Pouch
[Doyeah 0898 Tights w/ Male Pouch]


The 0898's are basically a 'modified' version of the existing, best-selling 0858. They have a 'pouch' for the male 'equipment' rather than the fly opening of the 0858. In every other sense, they are identical to the 0858. The only point to note is that the lack of a fly opening also means that the waist size is slightly smaller than that of the 0858; the fly opening on the 0858 also incorporates an additional panel which is absent in the 0898, so if you are close to the maximum waist size of the 0858 (36") then it is likely that the 0898 will be too small. They are REALLY comfy though - the fabric has an almost velvety feel to it. The fabric is sort of semi-opaque, a bit like the ComfiLon 560's - a sort of heavy sheer, but not quite opaque; it's difficult to put into words. The beige colour is really good and matched my (rather pale European) skin tone really well. They are nice and warm, and the build quality is superb; the attention to detail is really spot-on - even the packaging is really high quality. I can report that they have undergone a fair few wash/wear cycles with no ill effects that I can detect - they seem as good as new!

Nothing to complain about here - a superb product, especially considering the low price!
Date Added: 28/03/2012 by Legwear 4Men
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