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L4M 640 Men's 'Denim-look' Leggings
[L4M 640 Men's 'Jeggings']


These look good on, and are virtually indistinguishable from skinny jeans (but considering how close they fit, are far more comfortable). They're also rather warm to wear, and sit nicely without a belt.

To anyone who wishes to buy these, please ensure you get the right size or you could pop the seams (they still appear to be holding together properly in my case).

Only real improvement would be pockets, even if just enough to carry one's phone.

L4M says; we originally intended to have pockets on this design, but we found that due to the stretchy nature of the fabric, they (a) looked terrible due to unsightly bulges if carrying anything larger than a hanky, and (b) the pockets tended to pull away and rip the fabric, why is why women's leggings don't have pockets!
Date Added: 12/02/2019 by Jonathan D.
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