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TIM Dynamic 20 Men's Sheer Tights
[TIM Dynamic 20 Men's Sheers]


I have to say, we were more than a little disappointed by the Dynamic 20's; this may be because we have been spoiled by recent offerings from other makers. Had these come about 5 years ago, I'm sure we would have raved about them. As it is, they are basic, the fabric having little compression and almost no 'glide'; again, they have the 'conventional' seams seen on all the TIM models, which seems odd in this day and age, given that most others have gone over to flat seams. They also have the 'too-high' waistband of the other TIM models. I would say they are a successor to the now-defunct Evona Filip (being much in the same vein) but have little to recommend them when you consider that a little more will get you a pair of the vastly superior L4M 450's, the Doyeah 0838's, or the Adrian Street or UFASH 'Frida & Fred' Sheers.
Date Added: 14/04/2010 by Legwear 4Men
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